How to activate Windows 10 By Phone

If you get an error when attempting to activate your Windows 10 license on the Internet, and you know the license is good and from a legitimate source, there is a way to activate your license using the telephone system instead.

It is important to first attempt Internet activation. Firstly, Internet activation works most of the time, so it’s always worth a try. Secondly, attempting Internet activation stores the product key in Windows which you are trying to activate. In my tests, telephone activation won’t work properly unless the product key is in there. So always try Internet first.

1.Press and Hold “Windows” key on Keyboard and press “R” Key.

2.The “Run” Window will open, enter “slui 4” (without quotes) and click “OK”

3.Phone activation Wizard will open, select your country and follow on screen instructions to activate by phone.

So we pick up our mobile, call the free phone and an automatic voice-over will answer.
You will first be walked through an automated menu where you must answer a few questions about what product you are trying to activate (Windows 10).
whether you have previously activated it (No), and whether you have a product key (Yes), How many copies have been installed (select 1)

Or you can use this website Without phone call :

Product Activation and select 7 Digits : Click Here

It will ask you to enter the numbers that appear as installation IDs on the keypad of the mobile phone, one group after another, until we insert the 9 groups.

When we have written the confirmation ID, we hit “Activate Windows” and that’s it.

Or you can use this website Without phone call :

Product Activation and select 7 Digits : Click Here

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